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Content description VCELY466

English / Level 10 / Literacy / Texts in context
Content description
Analyse and evaluate how people, cultures, places, events, objects and concepts are represented in texts, including media texts, through language, structural and/or visual choices
  1. considering ethical positions across more than one culture as represented in text and consider the similarities and differences
  2. questioning the representation of stereotypes of people, cultures, places, events and concepts, and expressing views on the appropriateness of these representations
  3. identifying and explaining satirical events, including events in other cultures, for example depictions in political cartoons
  4. identifying and evaluating poetic, lyrical language in the depiction of people, culture, places, events, things and concepts in texts
  5. analysing the ways socio-cultural values, attitudes and beliefs are presented in texts by comparing the ways news is reported in commercial media and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander media
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