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Content description VCELY485

English / Level 10 / Literacy / Interacting with others
Content description
Identify and explore the purposes and effects of different text structures and language features of spoken texts, and use this knowledge to create purposeful texts that inform, persuade and engage audiences, using organisation patterns, voice and language conventions to present a coherent point of view on a subject
  1. identifying stereotypes of people, cultures, places, events, and concepts and explaining why they are stereotypes
  2. identifying and explaining satirical events, including events in other cultures, for example depictions in political cartoons
  3. applying knowledge of spoken, visual, auditory, technical and multimodal resources (for example sound and silence, camera shot types, lighting and colour) in conjunction with verbal resources for varying purposes and contexts
  4. selecting subject matter and language to position readers to accept representations of people, events, ideas and information
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