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Content description VCESC026

Spanish: 7–10 Sequence / Levels 9 and 10 / Communicating / Translating
Content description
Translate texts from Spanish into English and vice versa, noticing and explaining words or expressions that are culturally specific and difficult to translate
  1. analysing Spanish translations of familiar English-language texts, identifying aspects that got ‘lost in translation’, for example, comparing the English subtitles of a movie dubbed in Spanish with the original English speaking version
  2. translating texts such as signs, product instructions, notices or advertisements, comparing versions and considering how to convey culturally embedded references and concepts
  3. evaluating the effectiveness of electronic translators, for example, by doing a back translation of a well-known text
  4. identifying challenges associated with the translation of simple texts such as short letters or conversations, deciding whether different information is required in the translated version, for example, deciding if ‘you’ should become tú, usted or vosotros, depending on the social relationship being conveyed in the letter or exchange
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