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Content description VCESC027

Spanish: 7–10 Sequence / Levels 9 and 10 / Communicating / Translating
Content description
Create bilingual texts such as displays, explanatory or promotional material or performances for immediate and virtual environments
  1. providing bilingual captions that represent cultural elements or references to accompany images from the Spanish-speaking world or from regional Australia, for example, los nazarenos en las procesiones de Semana Santa, el sombrero mexicano y el sombrero de los corchos australiano, el ‘vegemite’ y las tortillas españolas, el canguro y el cóndor, el rodeo y los toros, bailes y ceremonias indígenas
  2. producing bilingual instructional or explanatory texts such as glossaries, for example to explain the rules of Australian games, activities or sports, such as cricket, netball, Australian Rules football, bushwalking or surf lifesaving
  3. creating and contributing to a shared online bilingual word bank of Spanish and English colloquial and idiomatic words that are difficult to translate, for example, comadre, compadre, qué metida de pata; ‘schoolies’, ‘School of the Air’, ‘sickie’
  4. performing a virtual guided tour for intending exchange students, including dramatisations of potential miscommunication between Spanish and English speakers
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