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Content description VCESC117

Spanish: F–10 Sequence / Foundation to Level 2 / Communicating / Translating
Content description
Create simple print or digital texts that use both Spanish and English, such as labels, captions, wall charts and picture dictionaries
  1. making personal bilingual picture dictionaries with captions, stickers and simple descriptions to explain culture-specific terms such as merienda, doña, don, buñuelos
  2. making bilingual greeting cards for celebrations such as Reyes, Dia de la Madre or Dia del Santo, using greetings such as feliz día de la madre, feliz día de tu santo, or feliz día del maestro alongside equivalent English greetings where culturally appropriate
  3. creating an identity card that contains parallel personal information in Spanish and English, for example, nombre/name, apellidos/last name(s), edad/age, Mis amigos son…/My friends are…, Vivo en…/I live in, Me gusta…/I like…
  4. adding captions in Spanish and English for a photographic display of a class event or experience such as sports day or school camp, for example, ¡De excursión en la granja! Nuestros experimentos de ciencia. Aquí estamos comiendo ceviche
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