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Content description VCESC118

Spanish: F–10 Sequence / Foundation to Level 2 / Communicating / Reflecting
Content description
Recognise what aspects of songs, stories, rhymes and pictures from Spanish-speaking cultures may look or feel similar or different to own language(s) and culture(s)
  1. comparing aspects of the lives of children in Australian and Spanish-speaking countries as represented in print and digital images, video clips and stories, for example, ways of playing games, eating food, or interacting at school or at home
  2. using some Spanish words, expressions and exclamations when playing with one another, for example, ¡Ay! ¡salud! and noticing any differences in behaviour, use of voice or body language compared to when using English
  3. responding to teacher prompts in Spanish or English, for example, ¿Qué ves/notas? or ‘What do you notice about…?’, to capture their impressions when viewing images or stories involving children in Spanish-speaking contexts
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