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Content description VCESC131

Spanish: F–10 Sequence / Levels 3 and 4 / Communicating / Informing
Content description
Present information about personal or shared interests or experiences, using simple descriptive language and supporting resources such as tables, lists and images
  1. creating a class book, visual/digital display or collection related to topics they have been studying in Spanish and/or other curriculum areas, for example, recetas favoritas, animales, la naturaleza, “los conquistadores”
  2. presenting information on cultural events or topics likely to interest other children of the same age, for example, a children’s salsa/flamenco/cueca competition
  3. planning and giving short presentations in Spanish on topics such as holidays or favourite computer games, using a combination of language and visual images such as photos, illustrations, captions and diagrams, for example, Mis videojuegos favoritos son Minecraft y Candy Crush. Mis vacaciones en la nieve: este es mi muñeco de nieve
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