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Content description VCESC137

Spanish: F–10 Sequence / Levels 3 and 4 / Communicating / Reflecting
Content description
Explore own sense of identity, for example, by discussing membership of groups such as a club, a country or a language-speaking community, and how these elements of identity are reflected in language use
  1. talking about their own identity and language use and creating captioned representations of their membership of clubs or groups (Voy al club de los scouts, Mi equipo es el mejor), their country (nuestro país) or language-speaking community (en mi idioma…)
  2. reflecting on their experience of learning and using Spanish, considering prompt questions such as: Does this feel unfamiliar? What does this mean to me? How is this different to my usual experience?
  3. creating a self-profile, using captioned photos, slide presentations, online internal school Vokis or concept maps to highlight key characteristics, relationships and ways of using language, for example, Tengo nueve años; Vivo en Sídney. Estudio chino los sábados
  4. using simple words and expressions selected from word banks and modelled statements to create personal profiles that highlight key characteristics and features of identity, for example, soy chino/a y australiano/a, Hablo chino, inglés y un poco de español. Soy muy valiente
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