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Content description VCESC184

Spanish: F–10 Sequence / Levels 9 and 10 / Communicating / Informing
Content description
Analyse, synthesise and evaluate ideas and information from multiple sources on a range of local and global issues
  1. gathering information from a range of print and digital sources on topics such as ecoturismo or machismo, and identifying, evaluating and reporting on perspectives
  2. distinguishing between fact and opinion in texts such as articles and reports, using critical literacy skills to recognise bias, for example, identifying the author, audience and purpose of the text
  3. comparing and evaluating a range of perspectives on topics such as health, music, sport and religion presented in different media texts, and considering why people may have different perspectives
  4. presenting commentaries collected from print, digital and personal sources of information on issues of interest to themselves and other young people, such as El impacto de los medios sociales en la vida cotidiana, El vestuario y la identidad, La influencia de la música en los jóvenes, classifying issues according to viewpoints and perspectives
  5. researching cultural characteristics of a specific group of Spanish speakers to inform a course of action such as providing a Spanish-speaking exchange student with a suitable placement or a group of Spanish visitors with a suitable menu, or deciding on an appropriate time of year to visit a particular Spanish-speaking country or region
  6. analysing published accounts of an event such as a sports match, a concert or a street party, identifying varying viewpoints
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