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Content description VCESU121

Spanish: F–10 Sequence / Foundation to Level 2 / Understanding / Systems of language
Content description
Notice and apply grammatical rules such as those relating to gender, simple verb forms and definite articles when describing people, places, things and relationships
  1. learning the structure of simple affirmative/negative statements and questions based on models, for example, No tengo perro. Gloria come verduras. ¿María tiene cinco años?
  2. recognising definite and indefinite articles with nouns, for example, la mesa, una mesa; el niño, un niño
  3. noticing that adjectives usually follow nouns and are used to describe the colour, size, shape or characteristics of a person, place or object, for example, la casa grande, el balón gris, la silla amarilla, un auto azul, una mesa cuadrada, una niña alta
  4. noticing and using singular masculine or feminine forms of nouns and adjectives, for example, el plátano delicioso, la canción chilena
  5. understanding and responding to basic familiar instructions and imperatives, for example, siéntate, escucha, cierra la puerta, silencio
  6. observing gender in patterns of naming, for example, Julio/Julia, Patricio/Patricia
  7. using subject pronouns to identify people, objects or animals, for example, Yo, tú, él, ella
  8. building vocabulary related to familiar environments (lápiz, casa, mamá, papá), and using cognates such as animal, color, triángulo, familia
  9. learning simple verbs to express likes and dislikes, for example, comer, bailar, hablar, correr, jugar and caminar, and using them in modelled and formulaic expressions such as No me gusta correr/caminar; ¿Te gusta este juguete?
  10. using singular possessive adjectives, for example, mi casa, mi hermano, tu amiga
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