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Content description VCESU126

Spanish: F–10 Sequence / Foundation to Level 2 / Understanding / Role of language and culture
Content description
Notice some differences and similarities in cultural practices between Spanish speakers and Australian-English speakers
  1. exploring the meaning of culture: how it involves visible elements, such as ways of eating, or symbols such as flags, and invisible elements, such as how people live, what they value, and how they think about themselves and others
  2. noticing similarities and differences between naming systems across languages and cultures represented in the classroom, for example, the use of diminutives, nicknames, surnames and ways of referring to family members (Juancito, Paquito; Nacho, Paco; Lola García Martínez; mi yayo/a, tato/a)
  3. noticing expressions and terms in Australian English that reflect Australian lifestyles and cultures, such as terms associated with food, the land, sports and leisure activities, for example, ‘backyard’ or ‘footy’
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