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Content description VCESU198

Spanish: F–10 Sequence / Levels 9 and 10 / Understanding / Role of language and culture
Content description
Understand and describe ways in which language and culture are interrelated and influence each other
  1. participating in guided discussion and reflection on the nature and role of culture and its relationship with language, noting any shifts in own attitudes, values or understandings about culture, identity and diversity as a consequence of learning and using Spanish
  2. developing language for thinking and talking about cultural representation and expression, for example, perspectives, values, images, stereotypes, inclusion and exclusion
  3. examining how a concept such as humour is conveyed in Spanish in ways that reflect lifestyles, values or traditions, and discussing how this may be perceived by non-native Spanish speakers
  4. exploring language and communicative behaviours associated with particular Spanish-speaking regions or geographic locations to understand how factors such as geography, climate and economic situation shape language practices
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