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Content description VCFRC074

French: F–10 Sequence / Levels 9 and 10 / Communicating / Socialising
Content description
Engage in shared activities such as planning and managing events, exchanging resources and information
  1. using online and digital forms of communication such as email, chat forums and community websites to plan shared events or activities, for example, intercultural components of the fête de la musique, or a cahier/guide de recommandations for language learners
  2. planning a demonstration or performance for family and friends to showcase what they know and can do in French, incorporating factual, fictional and expressive elements and some interpretation and explanation of linguistic and cultural features of French language use
  3. organising real or simulated forums, protests or rallies to raise awareness of environmental, social or ethical issues, for example, les droits des animaux, le développement durable, les préjugés
  4. creating a collaborative communications project such as a daily news segment for a community television or radio station, building informations discourse and using appropriate terms to introduce, identify and summarise, for example, en directe de… notre envoyé spécial… l’enquête de… les titres/en tête/à la une de cette édition…
  5. transacting for goods and services, considering concepts such as value, availability, competition and ethics
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