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Content description VCFRC077

French: F–10 Sequence / Levels 9 and 10 / Communicating / Informing
Content description
Convey information on selected topics, using different modes of presentation to suit different audiences or to achieve different purposes
  1. creating different elements for a general information evening for peers and parents on topics such as les échanges culturelles, le tabagisme or les jeunes et la lecture/les médias sociaux, combining formats such as displays, posters, performances and printed material
  2. creating a web page to provide information for young job seekers in different regional and cultural contexts (for example, les stations de ski, au pair à la ferme, le travail saisonnier), using formats such as databases, charts, maps and video clips
  3. designing texts pitched to specific age or interest groups, making and explaining choices in relation to vocabulary, structure, and visual and cultural elements, (for example, fashion advice for teens, tips for healthier living, local information for new migrants)
  4. summarising and presenting information relating to topics or themes studied in other curriculum areas, using different modes of presentation to cater for different learning styles, for example, charts, diagrams, recorded spoken commentary or demonstration to explain eco-systems or recycling
  5. referencing cultural trends in contemporary France and other francophone communities, for example by presenting and commenting on community texts associated with cultural activities related to les fêtes religieuses or les fêtes civiles (Hanoucca, la Messe de Minuit, les Fêtes du Mawlid, le 1er mai)
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