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Content description VCFRC078

French: F–10 Sequence / Levels 9 and 10 / Communicating / Creating
Content description
Analyse how expressive and imaginative texts create aesthetic, humorous or emotional effects in ways that reflect cultural influence
  1. expressing emotional or aesthetic responses to texts such as short stories, poems, cartoons, films and songs (for example, c’est émouvant, c’est troublant, ils sont mélancoliques, c’est trop beau, c’est amusant, ça fait rire), and identifying how mood is created and narrative is developed through language and expression
  2. talking about how imaginative texts use structure, language and mood to build action, develop character and position the reader, using modelled descriptive and analytic language, for example, Les adjectifs et les adverbes sont très évocatifs; il y a un rythme qui crée un atmosphère de tristesse; la voix du narrateur calme le lecteur
  3. comparing lyrics, themes and styles of popular French- and English-language songs, and tracking similarities and differences in genres and modes of expression, for example by comparing winners of Australian Idol and Francouvertes or La Voix
  4. reading, viewing or listening to extracts from expressive contemporary texts such as poems, songs, dance, street art and performance, identifying elements of expression that reflect French cultural traditions or experience
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