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Content description VCFRC081

French: F–10 Sequence / Levels 9 and 10 / Communicating / Translating
Content description
Create glossaries to interpret cultural aspects of contemporary and traditional French texts
  1. collecting and explaining to non-French speakers expressions and cultural allusions encountered in French texts associated with historical, religious or civic events or traditions, (for example, la Marianne, le tricolore, la Toussaint, le 1er mai)
  2. exploring French colloquialisms, argot and idioms (for example, tomber dans les pommes, les doigts dans le nez) that are typically used by different social groups, (for example, les jeunes, les sportifs, les étudiants)
  3. exploring texts for terms associated with particular elements of French lifestyles (for example, la cuisine, la mode, les loisirs, la famille), noting differences between traditional and more contemporary texts and explaining these differences in relation to changes in cultural practice
  4. mapping France or other francophone countries as represented on internet sites or tourist brochures in terms of regional and cultural diversity, for example, la France gastronomique: la choucroute d’Alsace, la quiche Lorraine, le bœuf bourguignon, la tapenade Provençale; la Polynésie: les cinq archipels, les ȋles et les atolls
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