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Content description VCFRC114

French: 7–10 Sequence / Levels 9 and 10 / Communicating / Creating
Content description
Respond to a range of traditional and contemporary texts, and compare themes and language style
  1. comparing treatment of particular themes, such as romance, adventure or family, in a range of texts created at different times, identifying changes in values and perspectives over time (for example, les fables, les contes, les dessins animés, la science fiction)
  2. creating a shared database of imaginative, performative and expressive texts that they have enjoyed (such as songs, poems, cartoons and films), cross-referencing titles, genres, themes and values, and giving ratings and brief explanations for selections
  3. comparing contemporary French and Australian music by reading music magazines, viewing video clips and listening to music stations, identifying similarities and differences in expression, themes and styles of performance
  4. reviewing examples of French humour across different times and contexts (for example, le mime, les blagues, les comiques, les dessins animés), and considering similar changes in Australian expressions of humour according to era and context
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