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Content description VCFRU126

French: 7–10 Sequence / Levels 9 and 10 / Understanding / Role of language and culture
Content description
Explore the dynamic nature of the relationship between language, culture and communication and how it impacts on attitudes and beliefs
  1. examining how changes to the French language reflect changes in some cultural practices and attitudes, for example, le fastfood, la pub/le pub, Madame le Directeur
  2. sharing ideas about how culture ‘works’ as a combination of beliefs, values and practices, and examining own personal and community cultural frames of reference and how and why these change over time
  3. using personal journals and group discussions to reflect on how learning French has impacted on own assumptions about French language, culture or identity
  4. considering how the experience of learning a new language has impacted on awareness of own communicative and cultural behaviours and of how these may be interpreted by others
  5. developing language for thinking and talking about cultural representation and expression, for example, ‘perspectives’, ‘values’, ‘images’, ‘stereotypes’, ‘inclusions’ and ‘exclusions’
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