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Content description VCGGC085

Geography / Levels 5 and 6 / Geographical Concepts and Skills / Place, space and interconnection
Content description
Describe and explain the diverse characteristics of places in different locations from local to global scales
  1. researching the population size and density of a selection of countries around the world
  2. exploring the diversity of environments and types of settlement, in the Asia region, or in part of the region, or in a country in either North-East, South-East or South Asia and discussing any patterns
  3. researching the proportions of the Australian population and of the population from their local area who were born in each world cultural region, using data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and then comparing aspects of selected cultures
  4. investigating the similarities and differences in languages, religions and spiritual traditions between Australia and selected countries of the Asia region and other parts of the world
  5. examining how the use of space within an area may be influenced by designation of land, for example, national parks, reserves, significant sites
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