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Content description VCGGC087

Geography / Levels 5 and 6 / Geographical Concepts and Skills / Place, space and interconnection
Content description
Describe and explain interconnections within places and between places, and the effects of these interconnections
  1. researching connections between Australia and countries in the Asia region, for example, in terms of trade, migration, tourism, aid, education, defence or cultural influences; and explaining the effects of at least one of these connections on their own place and another place in Australia
  2. explaining the impacts of fire on Australian vegetation and the significance of fire damage to human communities
  3. comparing how people have responded to climatic conditions in similar and different places and factors that may have influenced this such as culture and technology
  4. exploring the extent of change in the local environment over time, through for example, vegetation clearance, fencing, urban development, drainage, irrigation, farming, forest plantations or mining
  5. researching the changes made by people to a particular environment in one region in Europe or North America and comparing findings with other regions researched by students
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