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Content description VCGGC129

Geography / Levels 9 and 10 / Geographical Concepts and Skills / Place, space and interconnection
Content description
Identify, analyse and explain significant interconnections within places and between places over time and at different scales, and evaluate the resulting changes and further consequences
  1. evaluating the effects of international demand for food products on biodiversity throughout the world, in the places of their production
  2. using the concept of a system to examine the interconnections between biophysical processes and the human actions, and their underlying causes, that generate environmental change, together with the consequences of these changes
  3. identifying the biomes in Australia and overseas that produce some of the foods and plant material people consume and ways that the production of food and fibre has altered some biomes through, for example, vegetation clearance
  4. examining how a person’s wellbeing is influenced by where they live, with reference to at least two different scales in a country of the Asia region
  5. exploring how transport networks operate to connect people to services, including how supply chain logistics influence these connections
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