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Content description VCGGC131

Geography / Levels 9 and 10 / Geographical Concepts and Skills / Data and information
Content description
Select, organise and represent data and information in different forms, including by constructing special purpose maps that conform to cartographic conventions, using digital and spatial technologies as appropriate
  1. creating a diagram to illustrate the flows of nutrients and energy within a biome, and the alterations to these flows produced by agriculture
  2. developing a table to show the types of challenges to food production in Australia compared to other areas of the world, or the ways that places and people are interconnected through trade
  3. using scatter plots of data for countries or smaller areas to investigate the relationship between two variables, such as per capita income and life expectancy for countries, and to identify anomalies
  4. creating a map to show the relationship between biomes and world food production, using a spatial technologies application
  5. constructing and interpreting choropleth maps to show patterns of human wellbeing at a local scale
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