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Content description VCGGC132

Geography / Levels 9 and 10 / Geographical Concepts and Skills / Data and information
Content description
Analyse and evaluate data, maps and other geographical information using digital and spatial technologies and Geographical Information Systems as appropriate, to develop identifications, descriptions, explanations and conclusions that use geographical terminology
  1. constructing a graph to show the relationship between growth in world population and world food production
  2. comparing maps showing transport networks with survey responses on personal mobility
  3. analysing environmental change, such as the clearance of vegetation or a plan for a vegetation corridor, using topographic maps and satellite images
  4. identifying the relevant layers of a Geographical Information System and using them to investigate how they can portray and analyse demographic, economic and environmental data, and investigating the use of GIS by organisations.
  5. testing conclusions by considering alternative points of view about an area of investigation and providing a response using as organisers at least two of the concepts of place, space, environment, interconnection, sustainability, scale and change
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