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Content description VCGGK063

Geography / Foundation to Level 2 / Geographical Knowledge / Places and our connections to them
Content description
Representation of the location of places and their features on maps and models, including a globe, and the location of the major geographical divisions of the world in relation to Australia
  1. creating story-maps or models to represent the location of the places and features in their local area, or class stories, poems or rhymes
  2. identifying the ways Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples represent the location of Country/Place and their features. For example, by inscriptions on stone, stories, sand, bark and cave paintings, song, music and dance
  3. describing how the globe is a representation of the world and locating Australia and other places on a globe
  4. using geographical tools, such as a globe and world map, or electronic atlases, to locate the continents, oceans, equator, North and South Poles, tropics and hemispheres and then labelling an outline map
  5. describing the location of continents and oceans relative to Australia using terms such as north, south, near, far
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