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Content description VCGGK066

Geography / Foundation to Level 2 / Geographical Knowledge / Places and our connections to them
Content description
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Country/Place on which the school is located and why Country/Place is important to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and the ways in which they maintain special connections to particular Country/Place
  1. identifying and using the name of the local Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander Language Group
  2. identifying how and why the words Country/Place are used by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples for the places to which they belong
  3. inviting members of the Traditional Owner Group to talk about Country and Places of cultural and historical significance to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community in the local neighbourhood, suburb, town or rural locality
  4. discussing how some people are connected to one Country, for example, because it is ‘mother’s’ Country or ‘father’s’ Country
  5. describing the connections of the local Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander peoples with the land, sea, sky and animals of their Country/Place
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