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Content description VCGGK069

Geography / Foundation to Level 2 / Geographical Knowledge / Places and our connections to them
Content description
Reasons why some places are special and some places are important to people and how they can be looked after
  1. identifying and describing places they consider to be ‘special’. For example, their room, a play area, holiday location or an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander place of family significance, and explaining why the place is special to them
  2. discussing different ways people care for their ‘special places’
  3. discussing how places provide people with their basic needs, for example, water, food and shelter
  4. proposing possible actions that could be taken by the student to improve an important place such as the school grounds or local park
  5. discussing with their teacher, other students and members of their family what they know and have learned about different places, why they need to be looked after, and how this could be achieved
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