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Content description VCGGK096

Geography / Levels 5 and 6 / Geographical Knowledge / Factors that shape places and influence interconnections
Content description
Environmental and human influences on the location and characteristics of places and the management of spaces within them
  1. comparing how people have responded to climatic conditions in similar and different places and factors that may have influenced this such as culture and technology
  2. investigating the influence of landforms on the development of settlements that are involved in food and fibre production. For example, river valleys such as the Murray-Darling, Yellow (Huang He), Yangtze, Amazon, Mekong or Ganges
  3. explaining why most Australians live close to the coast rather than in inland Australia
  4. examining how the use of the space within their local place is organised through zoning
  5. investigating a current local planning issue, such as the redevelopment of a site, preservation of open space or subdivision of farming land, exploring why people have different views on the issue, and developing a class response to it
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