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Content description VCGGK108

Geography / Levels 7 and 8 / Geographical Knowledge / Water in the world
Content description
Nature of water scarcity and the role of humans in creating and overcoming it, including studies drawn from Australia and West Asia and/or North Africa
  1. investigating the causes of water scarcity. For example, an absolute shortage of water (physical), inadequate development of water resources (economics), or the way water is used
  2. comparing the effectiveness in reducing water scarcity of methods that increase the supply of water (such as recycling waste water, stormwater harvesting and re-use, desalination and inter-regional transfer of water) with methods that reduce the demand for water (such as pricing, changing the use of water and water restrictions)
  3. examining why water is a difficult resource to manage. For example, difficulties in accounting for its economic value, its competing uses and variability of supply over time and space
  4. explaining why some land use management practices such as land cleaning and some farming practices have adversely affected water supply
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