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Content description VCGRCE021

Classical Greek / Levels 9 and 10 / Engaging with texts / Translating
Content description
Evaluate different translations and interpretations of Classical Greek texts, using metalanguage to discuss their effectiveness, and develop strategies for successful translations
  1. evaluating the effectiveness of translations, using criteria such as selection of appropriate vocabulary, grammatical accuracy, fluency, conciseness, clarity, idiomatic expression
  2. discussing how closely and effectively translations convey the author’s meaning and intent
  3. critically analysing the merits of different translations of the same text, presenting and justifying opinions, and recognising skills of others
  4. discussing strategies used to convey complex ideas and structures, such as subordinate clauses, rendering of mood and the use of correlatives, for example, τόσος/ὅσος, τοῖος/οἷος
  5. evaluating strategies used to create fluent, accurate and idiomatic translations
  6. applying identified strategies to the translation of seen and unseen texts
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