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Content description VCGRCU012

Classical Greek / Levels 7 and 8 / Understanding / The powerful influence of language and culture
Content description
Examine the enduring influence of ancient Greek culture on the modern world, by discussing the ancient origins of modern values, pursuits, citizenship, literature, the arts and architecture
  1. recognising the ancient origins of national values such as democracy, equity and justice, freedom of speech and independent thought
  2. comparing the concept of citizenship, rights and responsibilities in ancient Greece and the modern world
  3. identifying references to ancient Greek mythology and literature in visual and performing arts and literature from antiquity to the present
  4. exploring ancient connections with daily routines in modern society, such as sport, theatre and schooling
  5. identifying literary influences from the Classical Greek period on popular culture, such as brand names, cartoons, adventure films, for example, Clash of the Titans, Troy, Hercules
  6. exploring connections between ancient and modern music, for example, musical instruments such as the guitar, which is descended from the cithara or lyre
  7. recognising the use of Greek as the language of the New Testament and as the original language of well-known texts such as the Lord’s Prayer
  8. researching elements of Greek engineering and architecture seen in public buildings in Australia and across the world, for example, the use of Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns
  9. observing and discussing ancient Greek architectural structures and influences in Roman, Renaissance, Neoclassical and New Classical architecture
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