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Content description VCGRCU030

Classical Greek / Levels 9 and 10 / Understanding / Reflecting
Content description
Reflect on self as a language learner, explaining how the study of Classical Greek influences own communicative behaviours, ways of thinking and viewing the world
  1. exploring own sense of identity, challenging own and others’ assumptions about family and civic responsibilities, traditions, values and attitudes
  2. drawing on knowledge of ancient society to examine and interpret own world, including aspects such as ancestry, values, traditions, social status, family and national pride
  3. reflecting, such as in discussions, blogs and journals, on experiences in the course of learning Classical Greek and their impact on perceptions of own cultural experience and ways of communicating
  4. identifying challenges and achievements associated with learning Classical Greek, for example, learning to ‘read between the lines’ to identify thought implicit in the use of language
  5. reinterpreting own experience of learning Classical Greek, listening to others’ perspectives and comparing these with own experience
  6. discussing how learning Classical Greek impacts on own ways of thinking and viewing the world
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