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Content description VCHHC053

History / Foundation to Level 2 / Historical Concepts and Skills / Chronology
Content description
Sequence significant events about personal and family history to create a chronological narrative
  1. ordering significant personal events or milestones using photographs or drawings, for example, walking, talking, the birth of a sibling, moving house, an illness, an achievement, first day at school
  2. identifying dates and changes that have personal significance, for example, birthdays, moving house, changing schools, religious and school holidays, marking these on a calendar and counting down time, as well as noting that events of personal significance may differ according to children’s cultural backgrounds
  3. creating a timeline, slideshow or story using photos
  4. relating a story about life in their parent’s or grandparent’s time (orally or through pictures and photographs)
  5. inquiring from members of their families where they were born and raised
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