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Content description VCHHC098

History / Levels 7 and 8 / Historical Concepts and Skills / Chronology
Content description
Describe and explain the broad patterns of change over the period from the Ancient to the Modern World
  1. using the evidence for the emergence and establishment of ancient societies, including art, iconography, writing tools and pottery
  2. describing key features of ancient societies, for example, farming, trade, social classes, religion, rule of law
  3. explaining the transformation of the Roman world and the spread of Christianity and Islam
  4. explaining key features of the medieval world, for example, feudalism, trade routes, voyages of discovery, contact and conflict
  5. locating the major trading routes, including the Mediterranean; the Silk Road; the sea route between China, India and the east coast of Africa, and the Columbian Exchange, on a map and identifying the nature of the trade/contact, for example, slaves, spices, silk, glassware, spread of knowledge and diseases along the Silk Road
  6. explaining the emergence of ideas about the world and the place of people in it by the end of the period, for example, the Renaissance, the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment
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