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Content description VCHHC099

History / Levels 7 and 8 / Historical Concepts and Skills / Historical sources as evidence
Content description
Analyse and corroborate sources and ask questions about their accuracy, usefulness and reliability
  1. differentiating between primary sources (those from the time of the event/person/site being investigated) and secondary sources (those that represent later interpretation).
  2. organising historical sources into artefacts, visual, written, audio
  3. asking questions of sources when identify origin, content, explaining context, and analysing reliability the usefulness about the historical context
  4. discussing the difficulties in identifying the origin and purpose of some sources
  5. creating categories with which to organise information obtained from sources. Identifying features and symbols in primary source
  6. creating an annotated visual concept map using historical sources to explain the changes brought to Europe during the Renaissance
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