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Content description VCHHC103

History / Levels 7 and 8 / Historical Concepts and Skills / Cause and effect
Content description
Analyse the causes and effects of significant events that caused change and/or a decline over the period
  1. identifying and explaining the causes and effects of conflicts on Ancient Rome using a fishbone
  2. analysing the multiplicity of causes and effects of decline of Ancient Greece and rank according to their significance
  3. organising causes and effects of Viking Conquests on subject peoples using a graphic organiser
  4. differentiating between intended and unintended causes and effects of the crusades
  5. categorising the long-term effects of the Black Death at the end of the Medieval period, including labour shortages, peasant uprisings, the weakening of feudal structures, and increased social mobility and drawing conclusions about the severity of the Black Death and it causing the Renaissance period
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