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Content description VCHHC104

History / Levels 7 and 8 / Historical Concepts and Skills / Historical significance
Content description
Evaluate the role and achievement of a significant individual, development and/or cultural achievement that led to progress
  1. asking questions like 'what makes this individual, development or achievement significant?', 'who decides historical significance?', 'how do you decide?', 'how significant was it to people who lived at that time?', 'how many people were affected?', 'to what extent were people’s lives changed?', 'how long lasting were the consequences?', 'how can the consequences still be felt today?' and 'what is its legacy?'
  2. outlining the significance of a past event, providing reasons for the event and referring to relevant sources of evidence
  3. developing criteria to evaluate significance
  4. ranking individuals, their achievements, events on order of significance and justify choices
  5. creating a concept map ranking the significant individuals, events, causes, effects, changes of Ancient Egypt
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