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Content description VCHHC124

History / Levels 9 and 10 / Historical Concepts and Skills / Historical sources as evidence
Content description
Analyse the different perspectives of people in the past and evaluate how these perspectives are influenced by significant events, ideas, location, beliefs and values
  1. using a range of sources to identify different perspectives and construct an argument about the experiences of people at the time
  2. examining different accounts of eighteenth-century journey to Australia, for example, ships’ logs, diaries, recorded testimonies of convicts and officers, both male and female, and explaining the variations in perspective which can lead to different historical interpretations
  3. identifying in a range of perspectives the absent or hidden voices and suggest reasons for this
  4. analysing the views of both men and women at different times regarding gender equality in Australia and explaining how these views might reflect changing values and attitudes
  5. explaining the enthusiasm of young people for the music tours and the opposition of older generations, as reflected in the sources
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