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Content description VCHHC128

History / Levels 9 and 10 / Historical Concepts and Skills / Historical significance
Content description
Evaluate the historical significance of an event, idea, individual or place
  1. developing questions and criteria that support the evaluation of historical significance
  2. identifying a significant event, person or idea and evaluate its significance using the criteria of importance, profundity, quantity, durability, relevance
  3. explaining the significance of the fall of Singapore (1942) in the changes in Australia’s military alliances and use of troops during World War II, using a range of sources, for example, accounts of prisoners of war, commanders such as General Gordon Bennett, politicians such as Prime Minister John Curtin, and Japanese and British sources
  4. constructing an explanation using sources of evidence to support the analysis of a significant individual, event and/or cultural achievement. Use consistent referencing and historical terms and concepts
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