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Content description VCHHK062

History / Foundation to Level 2 / Historical Knowledge / Community histories
Content description
How they, their family, friends and communities commemorate past events that are important to them
  1. making a calendar of commemorative events that students, their family and friends celebrate and discussing why they are significant, for example, birthdays, religious festivals such as Easter, Ramadan, Buddha day, feast of Passover, family reunions and community commemorations such as NAIDOC week, and ANZAC day
  2. discussing ‘Welcome to Country’ and recognising that the country, place and traditional custodians of the land or sea are acknowledged at ceremonies and events as a mark of respect
  3. using the internet, newspapers, community information guides and local knowledge to identify and list the people and places promoted as being of historic interest in the local community
  4. suggesting reasons for the location of a local landmark before searching for resources that provide an explanation
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