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Content description VCHHK105

History / Levels 7 and 8 / Historical Knowledge / Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures
Content description
How physical or geographical features influenced the development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ communities, foundational stories and land management practices
  1. creating a map overlay of Australian physical features and language groups of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and discuss the interconnection and relationships to land observed by different groups
  2. discussing how and why Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have kept their cultural heritage alive by passing their knowledge, arts, rituals and performances through generations
  3. using a variety of Dreaming creation stories from different location across Australia. Identify and describe similarities and differences in the stories
  4. exploring the meaning and use of fire as a practical tool in hunting, cooking, warmth and managing the landscape.
  5. examining historical interpretations of land management, laying out their burn patterns as a method of converting land to grasslands; predict plant growth, for maintenance of plants to attract animals for hunting and the prevention of larger uncontrollable destructive fires
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