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Content description VCHHK129

History / Levels 9 and 10 / Historical Knowledge / The making of the modern world / Industrial Revolution (1750 – 1914)
Content description
Causes that led to the Industrial Revolution, and other conditions and ideas that influenced the industrialisation of Britain and of Australia
  1. explaining why the agricultural revolution including access to raw materials, wealthy middle class, cheap labour, transport system, and expanding empire caused the Industrial Revolution
  2. mapping the British Empire c.1800 CE and the raw materials it obtained from colonies, for example, sugar from Jamaica, wool from Australia, and cotton from India
  3. explaining changes in technology, for example steam-driven spinning mills, railways and steam ships, which led to factories and cities
  4. identifying the spread of innovations such as steam power, iron and steel production, transport; and chemicals in Europe, USA and Japan
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