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Content description VCHHK134

History / Levels 9 and 10 / Historical Knowledge / The making of the modern world / Australia and Asia
Content description
Intended and unintended causes and effects of contact and extension of settlement of European power(s), including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  1. Australia Show elaborations
    • evaluating the effects of the movement of peoples on the indigenous and immigrant populations.
    • explaining the effects of contact, for example, the massacres of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people; their killing of sheep; the spread of European diseases, frontier violence, and categorising these effects as either intended or unintended
    • investigating the forcible removal of children from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families in the late nineteenth century/early twentieth century (leading to the Stolen Generations), such as the motivations for the removal of children, the practices and laws that were in place, and experiences of separation
  2. Asia Show elaborations
    • describing the British Raj and the forms of British influence in India, for example, the building of roads, an extensive railway network, schools and Christian missions
    • describing the causes of European imperialism in China and the effects of the Opium Wars, Taiping Rebellion in China
    • analysing the effects of Commodore Matthew Perry¬†diplomatic mission to Japan to force open Japanese ports to American trade culminating in the signing of the Treaty of Kanagawa 1954
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