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Content description VCHHK136

History / Levels 9 and 10 / Historical Knowledge / The making of the modern world / Australia and Asia
Content description
Patterns of continuity and change and their effects on influencing movements of people, ways of life and living conditions, political and legal institutions, and cultural expression around the turn of the twentieth century
  1. Australia Show elaborations
    • using sources to examine the living and working conditions in Australia around the turn of the twentieth century (that is 1900)
    • identifying the main features of housing, sanitation, transport, education and industry that influenced living and working conditions in Australia
    • describing the impact of the gold rushes in the hinterland on the development of ‘Marvellous Melbourne’
  2. Asia Show elaborations
    • describing the British Raj and the forms of British influence in India, for example, the building of roads, an extensive railway network, schools and Christian missions
    • describing how increasing foreign influence and imperialism was challenging and changing Imperial China and society through trade, railway networks, missionaries, foreign concessions in cities such as Shanghai
    • describing how increasing trade, modernisation expansions and nationalism in Japan were influencing change to everyday life in Japan, the fall of the Shogun and the Meiji Restoration
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