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Content description VCHHK158

History / Levels 9 and 10 / Historical Knowledge / The modern world and Australia / The globalising world
Content description
Causes and developments of the major global influences on Australia
  1. Popular culture Show elaborations
    • analysing the causes and conditions for cultural development and the effects on Australian society
    • investigating America’s cultural influence, as seen in the arrival of television for the Melbourne Olympics (1956) and Bill Haley’s Australian tour (1957)
    • comparing and contrasting views on the values and beliefs of rock ’n’ roll, film and television across time, age and gender, for example, issues of conservatism and rebellion, the challenge to established ideas and national identity
  2. Environment movement Show elaborations
    • analysing the causes and conditions that led to the environment movement and its effects on changing public opinion and improving the environment
    • outlining the emergence of concerns about the preservation of natural areas for future generations, for example, as reflected in the establishment of National Parks in the United States (Yellowstone National Park in 1872), Australia (Royal National Park in 1879), Canada (Rocky Mountains National Park in 1885) and New Zealand (Tongariro National Park in 1887)
    • investigating the impact of early texts that warned about environmental change, for example, Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, 1962, Don’t It Make You Want To Go Home by Joe South, 1970, Mother Earth News magazine in 1970, Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) lyrics by Marvin Gaye, 1971
  3. Migration experiences Show elaborations
    • analysing the causes and conditions that led to increased migration to Australia and changing public opinion and government policy
    • describing the main features of a government policy that affected migration to Australia, such as the Immigration Restriction Act 1901 and use of the dictation test to restrict the immigration of non-Europeans
    • explaining the reasons for changes in government policy, for example the influence of White Australia ideology at the time of the introduction of the Immigration Restriction Act 1901, the Displaced Persons Scheme in the aftermath of World War II
  4. Political Crisis Show elaborations
    • analysing the causes of the Korean or Vietnam War and its effects on Australia
    • analysing the causes and effects of the Petrov Affair
    • evaluating the developments during the Whitlam government and the causes of the government’s dismissal
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