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Content description VCHHK159

History / Levels 9 and 10 / Historical Knowledge / The modern world and Australia / The globalising world
Content description
Changing social, cultural, historical, economic, environmental, political and technological conditions on a major global influence in Australia
  1. Popular culture Show elaborations
    • identifying American and Asian influences on Australian popular culture since World War II, for example, through mainstream and Hollywood and Bollywood films
    • investigating the changing contribution of the Australian rock ’n’ roll, film and television industries to Australian culture and identity through the development and export of music, film and television, for example, the Easybeats from Sydney, the Go-Betweens from Brisbane and ‘Crocodile Dundee’ (1986)
    • describing significant examples of continuity and change in beliefs and values, such as democratic ideals, religious beliefs, egalitarianism
  2. Environment movement Show elaborations
    • recognising the historic impact of the pictures of Earth taken during the Apollo 8 mission and how they influenced people’s view of the world
    • explaining the significance of ideas about the environment, for example, Gaia, the limits of growth, sustainability and rights of nature
    • investigating a range of environmental effects, for example, the flooding of Lake Pedder in Tasmania, deforestation in Indonesia, the decline of the Aral Sea, the Exxon Valdez oil spill, the whaling industry
    • explaining the struggle over French nuclear weapon testing in the Pacific from 1966–1996, for example, the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior in 1985
    • evaluating the effectiveness of international protocols and treaties such as Kyoto (1997), the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (since 1992) and the Washington Declaration (2007)
  3. Migration experiences Show elaborations
    • describing the impact of the Vietnam war on Vietnam and how the communist victory in Vietnam (1975) resulted in the arrival of refugees into Australia
    • investigating policies of multiculturalism since the 1970s and the concepts of cultural heritage and assimilation
    • analysing post-World War II population growth and the development of Australia’s culturally diverse society using different types of graphs
  4. Political Crisis Show elaborations
    • identifying and evaluating the changes to Australia as a result of the political crisis
    • using a chart or graphic organiser to categorise the changes to Australia
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