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Content description VCHPEM118

Health and Physical Education / Levels 5 and 6 / Movement and Physical Activity / Understanding movement
Content description
Participate in physical activities designed to enhance fitness, and discuss the impact of regular participation on health and wellbeing
  1. creating and participating in a fitness circuit designed to improve health-related fitness components (LLPA, HBPA)
  2. demonstrating and describing safe stretching activities which maintain and develop flexibility (LLPA, HBPA)
  3. examining the benefits of physical activity to social health and mental wellbeing (MH, HBPA, LLPA)
  4. participating in a range of physical activities and exploring their health, skill and fitness benefits (FMS, GS, HBPA, CA, LLPA)
  5. examining and describing health-related and skill-related components of fitness (LLPA, HBPA)
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