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Content description VCHPEM155

Health and Physical Education / Levels 9 and 10 / Movement and Physical Activity / Understanding movement
Content description
Design, implement and evaluate personalised plans for improving or maintaining their own and others’ physical activity and fitness levels
  1. using ICT to design, implement and monitor a personal fitness plan which includes a timeframe, goals and a variety of specific activities that meet the needs of different people (LLPA, HBPA)
  2. investigating target training heart-rate zones for a range of different people and how these zones relate to health, wellbeing and fitness (HBPA, LLPA)
  3. justifying the selection of physical activities included in a personalised plan linked to the components of health- and skill-related fitness they wish to improve or maintain (HBPA, LLPA)
  4. using non-specialised equipment to develop health- or skill-related fitness circuits that can be used by family or community members (LLPA, HBPA)
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