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Content description VCHPEM157

Health and Physical Education / Levels 9 and 10 / Movement and Physical Activity / Understanding movement
Content description
Examine the role physical activity, outdoor recreation and sport play in the lives of Australians and investigate how this has changed over time
  1. exploring their importance as a social and cultural practice through participation in a range of physical activities from the Asia region, such as yoga, tai chi, martial arts and Asia-inspired dance and performance art (RE, GS, LLPA)
  2. researching the trends in participation in organised junior sports and predicting future trends and directions (HBPA, LLPA, GS, RE)
  3. investigating the varied perspectives held by Australians on sport and examining how this diversity is represented in the sports we play today (GS, CA, LLPA, RE)
  4. exploring the impact of media messages associated with physical activity, outdoor recreation and sport in Australia (RE, CA, LLPA, GS)
  5. analysing the significant contributions Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people make to sport in Australia (GS)
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