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Content description VCHPEM158

Health and Physical Education / Levels 9 and 10 / Movement and Physical Activity / Learning through movement
Content description
Devise, implement and refine strategies demonstrating leadership and collaboration skills when working in groups or teams
  1. evaluating the contribution they make as an individual to teamwork, leadership and enjoyable participation for all (GS, RS, RE, LLPA, CA)
  2. using self-talk and encouragement to motivate themselves and team members to continue to participate and improve performance (RS, GS, LLPA, RE, CA)
  3. creating and implementing self-assessment and peer-assessment tools to evaluate performance in a variety of roles (CA, RE, GS, LLPA)
  4. identifying and critiquing leadership styles and group/team dynamics through collaboratively solving initiative games (LLPA, RE, RS, CA, GS)
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