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Content description VCHPEP031

Health and Physical Education / Level C / Personal, Social and Community Health / Being healthy, safe and active
Content description
Identify and name members of immediate family and demonstrate safety awareness, respond to safety instructions and identify safe and unsafe places and items in the environment
  1. sharing information about their own family using photos (RS)
  2. learning about different types of relationships and identifying the people within each relationship group (RS)
  3. exploring safety and learning to demonstrate safety awareness in familiar daily routines (S)
  4. learning protective behaviours that can help keep them safe, including how to seek or communicate a need for help from trusted people in their community who can help them stay safe and healthy, recognising and communicating when then feel unsafe and practising ways of asking for help in a range of different scenarios (S, RS)
  5. using pictures and concrete examples to identify their understanding of safe and unsafe places and items in the environment around them (S)
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